AlFa’ze Royal Face Treatment

AlFa'ze Royal Face Treatment

Aker El Fassi is a completely natural cosmetic made from poppy and pomegranate extract that has been traditionally used by Berber women to makeup lips and blush.

Morocco – land of the most regenerating hammams and the most relaxing massages, the home of henna and black soap – boasts a heritage of natural products based on local organic compounds. Aker Fassi is a lipstick a produced in full respect of ancient Berber traditions handed down for centuries.

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Known as the “gazelle blood,” Aker Fassi is a natural powder made from poppies.

100% organic, intense and long-lasting, Aker Fassi is very easy to use and maintain. Before applying, make sure to remove all the dead skin from your lips.

Note that the powder tends to slightly dry lips, so it is best to mix it with cocoa cream for proper hydration.

Steps & prosedures

  • Natural Mask
  • Face massage
  • Face Steaming

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used by women of the Orient. This all-natural plant and also called Aker Fassi, is made from powdered dried poppy naturally in the southern sun and bark of pomegranate, this paste is then poured into a sort of bell terra cotta. Its colorful pigments allow long-lasting hold

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