Body Hair Bleaching

Body Hair Bleaching

Not many people like to shave or wax their leg hair. And even if they do- not all the time. While shaving or waxing are faster ways of removing unwanted hair, doing it too regularly makes hair grow faster and thicker. This also comes with side effects like, pain, dark skin and shaving bumps. Lightening leg hair is a natural, painless and inexpensive way of making it softer and less noticeable. It also helps to make hair softer and get rid of it with time. Some of these methods even help to slow down leg hair growth.

on different parts of the body can sometimes become an aesthetic problem that requires attention. Many women opt to shave their legs or remove hair around areas like the eyebrows or upper lip, but in other areas such as the abdomen, it may be preferable to lighten the hair rather than remove it. But what method should you use? At Moroccan Touches we will  lighten your body hair with different solutions, from natural products.

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Bleaching facial and body hair is considered a hair removal method even though it doesn’t actually take any hair away. It does lighten the hair color to a light shade of blonde. This makes it appear less noticeable or striking. It’s a good option for those who mind the look of the hair more so than the feel of it. Results last anywhere from two to four weeks.

The bleach is usually mixed per the directions and applied over hair. After about ten minutes or so of lightening the pigment (color) of the hair, it’s then removed with cool water. It’s a similar process to how bleaching hair on the head works. While similar ingredients (like hydrogen peroxide) are used for bleaching hair on the head, the specific formulation used on the face and body is gentler.

The idea behind the hair-lightening system is this: Rather than removing body hair, you can bleach and transform it into “a lustrous golden veil that shimmers on the skin .

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Bleaching is one of the safest, effective and most convenient ways of making unwanted hair less noticeable.

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