HAIR ROOTS (majirel) color

HAIR ROOTS (majirel) color

Majirel hair color from L’Oreal is a professional, permanent hair color designed to cover white hair with rich, intense color. The ingredients in the color dye, condition, and strengthen hair from the inside of each hair strand outward. More than 94 shades are available, and the colors lighten hair two to three shades away from your natural color. While the durable, resilient hair dye is typically used by professionals in hair salons, you can save money by using it to color your own hair at home.

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Professional Services

Majirel hair colouring system offers a rich, permanent hair dye which provides perfect coverage of grey hair. With the expertise of your hair colourist and an in-depth colour consultation you can achieve your perfect shade. Majirel has over 100 shades that can be tailored to create exactly the color you are looking for

  • Majirel ­ Rich, deep and intense color with perfect coverage of white hair.
  • Can darken and lighten up to 3 levels.
  • Majiblond ­ Pure, cool or luminous warm blonde shades.
  • Majicontrast ­ Visible color results on dark natural or dark coloured hair.
  • Majirel mix ­ Unlimited color creation, for ultra personalised shades.
  • Majirouge ­ Pure, vibrant and intense, long­lasting copper and red shades.
  • Majimeches ­ Luminous, natural, golden highlights.

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Mixed to various depths and intensities, Majirel provides long­lasting colour that cares. For full head or partial colouring, from blondes to natural colours and vibrant, fashionable shades

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